Ebix Europe unaffected By Ebix Inc. US Chapter 11 Arrangement


Ebix Europe is ringfenced from developments at Ebix Inc, and is continuing business as usual including the exciting launch of PlacingHub in January 2024

London, 21 December, 2024: Pioneering London Market technology specialist Ebix Europe today confirms it is unaffected by US-based Ebix Inc’s Chapter 11 Arrangement. Ebix Europe is a UK Limited company, and as such trades as an independent subsidiary of Ebix, Inc. The anticipated outcome of the Chapter 11 arrangement, from which Ebix Europe is ringfenced, is the sale of certain US business units.

Business as usual continues at Ebix Europe, which also confirms its placement platform PlacingHub remains on track to go live in January 2024 with a number of broking and underwriting organisations already signed up to the platform.

Ebix Europe Vice President Pete Smyth said:

“We want to provide clarity and reassurance that the recent developments within Ebix Inc. do not affect Ebix Europe, which is an independent, profitable entity, along with the Group’s other regional subsidiaries around the world. We continue with business as usual, and are fully committed to providing outstanding service for our clients. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We look forward to working with you and our rapidly growing roster of PlacingHub and ExposureHub clients in 2024 and beyond.”

January 2024 sees the launch of PlacingHub, designed to be the catalyst for choice, change and innovation in a market that has become frustrated with the poor performance, high cost and cumbersome inefficiency of alternative platforms.