ExposureHub is Ebix’s new and powerful exposure management platform. We understand that your data is priceless and even more so when accessed and utilised to the full.

About ExposureHub

Our mission is to provide a best-of-breed exposure management platform. Ebix is providing market leading support from people that understand your challenges. With an easy to navigate interface, the results are delivered in a fast, accurate and transparent fashion with all related data available to you instantly.

Why ExposureHub

Our platform is entirely configurable to each client and can be customised to individual users requirements and preferences. ExposureHub users are in control of the platform, not the platform in control of the user.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional processing speeds, even with huge volumes of data
  • Data that spans multiple modules is easy to view and explore
  • Consistent screen behaviour in all modules
  • Manage multiple lines of business
  • Include inwards and outwards reinsurance programs
  • Securely handle a multiple-entity client
  • Complement your use of catastrophe models
  • Integrate with your upstream or downstream systems
  • Allow you to host ExposureHub on your servers, in the Cloud or with Ebix

Deployment Options

    The ExposureHub platform is built with a variety of deployment options in mind:

  • In-house – Ebix’s specialists will offer guidance and expertise if you want to host on your servers.
  • Ebix Private Cloud – You can utilise Ebix’s data centre to host ExposureHub and our team will manage this on your behalf.
  • Public Cloud – Ebix can offer publically hosted cloud computing services.

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