Ebix Evolution is the next generation of software solutions for insurance brokers and underwriting agencies, combining state of the art software environment with a feature rich processing environment.

About EbixEvolution

A comprehensive underwriting and financial management system, Ebix Evolution manages Client Relationships, Quote and Policy Management and handles Claims administration. These functions are supported by intuitive system workflow which includes Diary and Task Management. Evolution also integrates seamlessly into the market leading EbixExchange platform to automate the Placing, Accounting and Claims process. Workflow tasks and an overview of key business indicators are summarised in a user defined Dashboard, the home page for all system activity.

Broking functions are supported by a full function accounting system handling common transactional processing such as banking, settlements, journals and payments through to an optional fully integrated General Ledger. The high level of interaction between the broking functions and financial reporting provides a comprehensive management tool

Why EbixEvolution

Importantly, Evolution can be extensively customised to reflect your specific business requirements. Customisation extends to most aspects of system operation the including risk wordings, templates, policy documentation, marketing information, standard letters, claims codes and categories, reporting options and the content and appearance of documentation.

Deployment Options

Ebix Evolution can be hosted on the clients existing infrastructure or in the cloud. Please contact us for more requirement details, which can be shared.

Ebix Evolution has been designed to be deployed either on a single server or in a highly-scalable load-balanced and clustered Windows server environment. Load balancing is utilised to distribute requests to different servers within the server cluster, which optimises system performance and increases availability and scalability of the Web-based application.

Ebix Evolution is a smart-client application developed using multi-tier Services Oriented Architecture and Microsoft .NET 4.0 frameworks to distribute the workload across different layers so as to make the application scalable. The layers of the application are:

  • Presentation Layer
  • Service Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Data Access Logic Layer

These layers combine to provide fully integrated web based system addressing the requirements of relationship management, product distribution, quotations, policy recording and tracking and document production.

Features & Benefits

  • Modular – The system has been developed with a modular architecture allowing brokers to select those functions that apply to their particular business needs. The standard suite of Ebix Evolution modules caters for core broking and accounting functions, optional modules are available to address specific processing requirements and external interfaces.
  • Within each Ebix Evolution module individual processing options can be enabled if they apply or equally importantly can be transparent to the end user if the option is not required. This approach ensures that you have a system that mirrors your processing requirements without unnecessary options that can slow down processing.
  • Ebix Evolution is designed from the ground up as an e-commerce enabled platform for product distribution, upload of transactions processed through external applications, client self-service portals and integration with other e-commerce platforms such as credit card payment facilities and banking interfaces. Online insurance products can be distributed through standard e-commerce websites or specialist facilities. These products can be made available at a retail client website or through a niche market distribution facility. Both allow the client to generate a quote, bind cover and pay for the policy without broker intervention. The transaction will appear as if it had been manually entered into Ebix Evolution by your staff.
  • Uploading e-commerce transactions this way allows your Ebix broking system to remain the sole repository for both policy and accounting information. Invoices and other documentation are generated from within the broking system while insurer settlements and reports all include these imported transactions. Payment files received from your bank or other credit card provider are also automatically uploaded into Ebix Evolution negating the need for manual receipting.
  • A powerful Customer Self-Service is also available to allow your clients to self-serve common requirements such as retrieving policy information, checking account balances, requesting reprints of broking system documentation or certificates of currency, lodging first notice of claim or contacting their broker.

Customer Self Service

In an increasing Internet aware world many clients expect flexibility when dealing with financial institutions. Insurance has lagged behind banks and other financial institutions in the use of web technology. Ebix Customer Self Service (CSS) websites change this.

Ebix has developed web solutions for some of the world's leading insurance organisations. Now utilising the latest available technologies, Customer Self Service delivers a powerful, functional web tool to add value to your website and product offerings.

Using Web Service technology Ebix can provide your clients with selected policy, claims and accounting information without exposing your CBS database or compromising security.

Ebix Customer Self Service creates a one-way information feed from your CBS database to your website. Like retrieving your bank balance or mobile phone account details online, Ebix Customer Self Service allows your clients to view their own policy details, check the status of a claim or view their own account information.

Functionality can be extended to provide options for clients to actively manage aspects of their insurances and reduce the associated administration costs. Importantly, you decide what Ebix Customer Self Service provides to your clients.

General Ledger

Evolution General Ledger is designed to handle all aspects of financial management and reporting. A true multi company, multi-currency General Ledger the system can be implemented with or without the Evolution Broking System modules. In an integrated environment the General Ledger provides, automatic generation of Insurer settlement cheques, client refunds and production of statutory reports.

The Evolution General Ledger provides full accounting controls, system maintained audit trails and full transaction history. The Enquiry and Report module provides users with complete flexibility for access to transaction and balance level information as well as allowing full control over the content and layout of management reports.


Ebix Evolution currently integrates to a large number of additional platforms and applications:

  • Sunrise Exchange Interface
  • Sunrise Online Quoting Interface
  • iClose Interface
  • SmartOffice Interface
  • Document Management Interface (DMI)
  • Premium Funding Interface
  • NAB Transact
  • eLink .Connect
  • Macquarie Premium Payments

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