Each move counts, and in this market, minutes matter more than ever. As the demands of the market escalate, so too do the expectations placed upon its competing electronic placement platforms.

Market electronic placement systems are supposed to benefit their users by streamlining and expediting the process of placing insurance, reducing administrative burdens, minimising errors, and improving overall efficiency in the insurance placement process.

So.. what does ‘good’ look like? From seamless user interfaces to guaranteed uptime, the checklist for these platforms reads like a technophile’s dream. But perhaps the most crucial item on that list, one that separates the digital wheat from the chaff, is lightning-fast loading and response times.

Picture this: You’re in the heat of the moment, racing against the clock to get that firm order sent to your markets. Your client needs cover and your company’s reputation is on the line. The adrenaline is pumping, the stakes are high, and then… you’re met with the dreaded spin cycle of doom. Your screen freezes, your patience wears thin, and suddenly, what should have been a seamless transaction turns into a battle of wills against an unresponsive platform.

In your panic, you consider giving up and walking it around the market instead. Just like the old days. But wait, it’s Friday and half your markets are working from home. Now you’re stuck.

Enter PlacingHub, the (until recently) unsung hero of electronic placement platforms. While others falter and fumble in the face of complexity, PlacingHub stands tall, its screen response times measured not in minutes, but in seconds.

Gone are the days of watching progress bars inch along at a glacial pace. With PlacingHub, backed by a team of insurance and technology experts unmatched elsewhere in the market, users benefit from our genuine commitment to technology and innovation. PlacingHub isn’t just another vendor peddling promises; it’s a beacon of reliability in a sea of uncertainty.

So the next time you find yourself mired in the muck of slow-loading screens and unresponsive platforms, remember this: there is a better way. Because in the fast-paced world of electronic placement, every minute counts. And with PlacingHub, those minutes are spent where they belong: getting the job done.

PlacingHub from Ebix Europe: Not all placing platforms are created equal. And thank the stars for that.


James Pring

Sales Director, Ebix Europe