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Ebix Europe provides products, services and comprehensive solutions to cater for various aspects within the commercial insurance lifecycle. We modernise the insurance industry by digitising and streamlining insurance processes.
PlacingHub is Ebix’s new digital placing platform. After many years of success underpinning the London Market’s leading placing utility, we are delighted to announce that we are taking back control of our own destiny and are getting ready to launch a new and vastly improved version.
ExposureHub is Ebix’s new and powerful exposure management platform. We understand that your data is priceless and even more so when accessed and utilised to the full. Our mission in to provide a market leading platform, with market leading support from people that understand your challenges. With an easily navigational interface, the results are delivered in a fast, accurate and transparent fashion with all related data available to you instantly. Our team are driven to create more than an innovative solution but something that market practitioners will feel the benefit from their day-to day insurance transactions.
EbixExchange is Ebix’s market leading, post-bind, insurance exchange platform, offering brokers and carrier’s services that standardise the accounting, settlement and claims process.

Our mission is to provide a simple solution to allow brokers and carriers to digitise closings, statements and claims notifications to the relevant ACORD standard. In addition to this we provide a platform with a comprehensive suite of web services to allow simple adoption for the global insurance market.

Ebix Evolution

Ebix Evolution is Ebix’s next generation back-office solution for insurance brokers and underwriting agencies, combining state of the art software environment with a feature rich processing environment.

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