Your Market needs you to stop it.  Now.

Are you spending too much time rekeying, file uploading and downloading, dragging and dropping?

Thought so. We agree it’s horribly wasteful of your time and resources, and it can lead to costly mistakes.

Rekeying has no upside. It costs a fortune and introduces process inefficiencies, delays, errors and omissions. Not to mention the sheer aggravation of it – and who wants all that? There are surely far better things you could be doing with your time than rekeying data and attaching documents.

But if your administration, workflow and document management systems are integrated to PlacingHub with our APIs (nerd alert: Application Programming Interfaces), then all that pain goes away in an instant.

And from then on, a broking system can send a submission straight to the platform with all its documents and data. And an underwriting system can receive it all automatically post-bind. All at the click of a mouse.

API. All Pain Inoculated. (No, it wasn’t very good was it?)

So if you want to join the growing number of your market peers who can place and bind business without any of that outdated, wasteful and error-prone rekeying, get in touch and we’ll integrate with your software vendor just as soon as their development schedule permits.