Our second instalment of tasty tips for you to nibble on with your chai latte

Tip 4 – How to change your profile picture

You can add a profile picture to your placing Hub account

Here’s how:

Click the head and shoulders icon in the top right corner of the PlacingHub screen


Select User Preferences from the pop-out menu and you’ll be taken to the User Details screen.

From here you can upload a picture you already have, or, if you’re on a smartphone r have a webcam attached to your PC you can capture a picture from here.

Once you’ve done that, you can edit the picture

Drag the dotted frames to crop the picture and click Save when the preview looks how you want it to.

You now have a profile picture where the head and shoulders icon used to be

And you can change it as often as you like.


Tip 5 – How to change an Underwriter Stamp pre-bind

Underwriters can apply stamp changes as part of their Firm Order response.

Here’s how:

When responding to the Firm Order, the underwriter first clicks the Stamp Change button in the Firm Order Response screen.

This opens the Firm Order Change Stamp screen allowing the underwriter to select the desired stamp(s).

So the underwriter can go ahead and add, change, or remove stamps and then press the Save button, after which they can proceed with their Firm Order response as desired.

Easy, eh?


Tip 6 – How to Change a Contact at Creation

Brokers can change an underwriter contact while creating a firm order or endorsement mid-process.

Here’s how:

For example, Bailey North of North Underwriting has previously been selected as an underwriter for a firm order that is being created but the broker wants this one to go to Viking North instead.  (Viking is Bailey’s younger brother and is known to write almost anything after lunch on a Friday).

When selecting the contact for the firm order or endorsement, Viking – the desired contact – is not shown,

So the broker can change to another contact by clicking on the contact icon and then when the Change Contact dialogue appears,

…the broker can type in part of a contact’s name or company to search for a new contact, like this:

And they can then select the desired contact from the dropdown list (in this case Viking North), and the firm order contact will be changed accordingly,

Simple stuff!


Tip 7 – How to Expose facilities Across Teams

Brokers can expose Published facilities to other broker teams, enabling those teams to include them on declarations.

Here’s how:

A Facility Admin user can expose published Facilities to other teams by using the Expose Facility Across Teams action in the Programme Overview burger menu.

This opens the Expose Facility screen:

Clicking on one or more teams in the left panel (to highlight them) and then clicking the right-pointing double arrow will move them into the right panel, and this will expose the facility to them when Save is clicked.

Users in the those selected team(s) will have limited (essentially read only) functionality available to them for that Facility, allowing them to use it to create declarations.  This permission will continue until the facility is subsequently unexposed to them by using this function again but moving the team(s) from the right panel to the left one instead.

Powerful stuff!


That’s it for this instalment, we hope you found it useful!  Look out for the next Hub Newsletter where there will be some more handy Tips to nibble on.

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