By James Pring, Sales Director of Ebix Europe

The hustle and bustle of renewals season can be overwhelming, especially for brokers knee-deep in negotiations. We recognise the hard work that follows renewal submissions, and we’re here to complement that effort with the operational speed and efficiency of PlacingHub and its new Renewals function.

As the London market gears up for the crucial 1 July renewals, efficiency is key. With PlacingHub’s streamlined renewal function, we’re transforming the process. Preparing a renewal submission for an expiring risk can now take a matter of minutes, offering a swift solution to this step in the renewal process in the midst of this busy season.

Efficiency in Motion: Simplifying Renewals on PlacingHub

Here’s a glimpse of how PlacingHub helps to streamline the process:

  1. Select Your Risk: Navigate seamlessly through the system with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for extensive searches.
  2. Make Your Changes: Customise as needed, whether it’s updating terms, adjusting details, or adding new information.
  3. Press Send: With a simple click, your renewal submission is complete.

These three steps can take as little as just 60 seconds, and this efficiency translates to a smoother experience, allowing you to focus on the next steps, and what matters most – being as responsive and diligent as possible.

A Stress-Free Approach to Renewals

We are working to support the market’s transition away from wet stamping, paperwork and last-minute scrambles. PlacingHub is designed to help make the journey more tranquil. While others wrestle with inferior platforms, you can maintain composure with PlacingHub.

As the 1 July renewals draw near, remember: simplicity is just a click away.


About the Author: James Pring is the Sales Director of Ebix Europe, committed to simplifying the insurance landscape. When he’s not revolutionising renewals, you can find him pursuing yoga or nurturing his bonsai trees.