In our Summer HUB Newsletter, while the country was going to the polls, we asked our readers how many days each week they placed business electronically from home on average.

And 115 people responded which, to be honest, was a whole lot more than we were expecting for our first newsletter poll!

And the results were really quite interesting.


Never 57%

1-2 days/week 14%

3-4 days/week 17%

5 days/week 11%


So, in summary, 43% of underwriting and broking professionals work from home at least one day per week and place or bind business from there, and 11% do it all of the time.

Seems like a very fair balance to us.  And PlacingHub enables it with ease.


PlacingHub from Ebix Europe: Not all Placing Platforms make it easy to work from home (or in the office)