A further major release from Ebix Europe went live this morning on the PPL platform.


The new ‘Corrections’ enhancements have been delivered following extensive feedback from users and we’re confident that they will be pleased with the slicker functionality and the additional options now available to the user community.


These upgrades will enable users to benefit from simple, intuitive and powerful functionality whereby they can trigger and respond directly on the platform to the actions below which historically had been handled by the Ebix Europe Support Desk:


• Line cancellation – users can now request and respond to a cancellation of a bound line by any insurer in their following market
• Placement cancellation – the same functionality also applies to the cancellation of a partially or fully bound placement
• Cancel and Replace – allows the user to request cancellation and replacement of an existing partially or fully bound placement, whilst maintaining continuity of cover


The UX has always been in the heart of all the programming, enhancements and releases Ebix Europe undertakes to carry on increasing the speed and capability of the platform, and these further enhancements have been introduced to improve our users’ experience:


• Underwriter Rejections – users are now able to respond with a reason and attach a document
• Improved visibility of document versioning
• Improved visibility of section attachments


The PPL continues to go from strength to strength as market professionals grow more familiar with the platform. Ebix Europe will continue to listen and take on board all feedback from the London Insurance Market to strive to improve the placing process for all.