Harnessing the power of data for real-time risk management

Pete Smyth

By Ebix Europe Vice President Pete Smyth 01 December 2023 Global insured losses from natural disasters hit $88 billion by the end of the third quarter of 2023, according to Aon’s Q3 Global Catastrophe Recap report. The total is 17% higher than the 21st century annual average, with at least four separate billion dollar insured […]

The Placing World in a Grain of Sand: Explore The PlacingHub Sandbox

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By James Pring, Sales Director, Ebix Europe There is a world in a grain of sand, to paraphrase William Blake’s famous reflection on imagination, vision and seeing the big picture from a detail. And in the ever-evolving world of technology, where vision and innovation are key, one thing is clear: the future belongs to those who can […]

Empowering Insurance Agility: Technology’s Crucial Role in Advanced Exposure Management

insurance agility

In the intricate tapestry of re/insurance, where uncertainty and opportunity entwine, effective exposure management emerges as the compass guiding insurers through a dynamic, ever-evolving market, writes Ebix Europe sales director James Pring. As the industry adapts to new realities, the spotlight illuminates how strategic exposure management not only maintains balance in a portfolio but also fuels […]

The Importance of Being Well-Informed When Choosing a Risk Placing Platform

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Making a well-informed choice on which electronic risk placement platform you adopt when PPL forces you off its current v3 system in October sounds like a sensible thing to do. It’s a strategic decision, after all, and one that will seriously affect your working practice either in a positive or negative way. Since the inception […]

The Pros and Cons of Low Code/No Code

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Assess your use case first before committing to Low Code/No Code, writes James Pring, Ebix Europe Sales Director Back in the good old days, when computer programmers wore lab coats at work, the computers they programmed understood little other than arcane and complicated languages. Written in binary, or something else that may as well have been Latin, few […]

Why Did It Take a Pandemic to Drive Electronic Placement in the London Market?

Pete Smyth

Electronic placing in the London market was a long time coming, with many obstacles to overcome – It took the pandemic to prove electronic placement is a benefit not a threat and, now it’s here to stay, we’re heading full steam towards a truly digital marketplace. The ability to place risks quickly and accurately using […]

Lloyd’s 2024 Syndicate Business Plan Bulletin: Accelerating Improved Exposure Management

Lloyd’s intends to identify underwriting and exposure challenges earlier in the syndicate business planning process. The pressure is on, and Ebix Europe is ready to respond with ExposureHub On 16th May Lloyd’s issued a market bulletin detailing its 2024 business plan and capital approval timeline for syndicates. A critical detail within this bulletin is the […]

Electronic placement at Lloyd’s: What does good look like?

Data, data, everywhere – Peter Smyth, Vice President of PlacingHub developer Ebix Europe, shines the spotlight on the data-driven approach, swift onboarding, and API-first strategy that are now essential elements of successful London market electronic placement platforms. 2023 is shaping-up to be the most interesting year for electronic placement in the London Market since 2016, when a […]