The Need for Speed: Racing to Success in London Market Electronic Placement

electronic placement

As the pressure continues to quicken the pace of London insurance market’s digital transformation, driven by Lloyd’s ambitious Blueprint Two plan and the market’s strong growth forecast, brokers are increasingly in search of the swiftest route to market through electronic placement (EP). And with more business flowing through the market’s competitive EP systems than ever […]

VLOG: ExposureHub and the roadmap to exposure management success

Improving the day to day process of exposure management is the next step for companies to take, in order to get the best protection possible. This includes improving data processing, which can lead to faster analysis and therefore faster decision-making. These are just some of the thoughts of our Business Analyst, James Tyler. Brilliant customer […]

PlacingHub “well-suited” at addressing high costs associated with other electronic placement platforms: Ebix Europe

18th January 2024   Ebix Europe, the London-based technology specialist, released its electronic placing solution, PlacingHub, earlier this month, which has been developed by the London market’s most experienced digital placement experts, attracting interest from major re/insurance brokers and carriers across the market. During a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Ebix Europe’s Vice President, Pete […]

Ebix Europe gears up to increase competition in electronic placement

16th January 2024   PlacingHub will see live action in February, says Ebix Europe’s vice-president, Pete Smyth London market technology specialist completed seven years as architect and provider of the original London market electronic placement platform at the end of 2023 Ebix Europe is all set to redefine the modernisation of the London market with its […]

The Hidden Dangers of Upgrading Technology

Behind every software release lie legion opportunities to ruin your customer relationships   Happy New Year! It’s often a challenge to get it right when it comes to upgrading your technology and, in the world of insurance platforms, 2024 is likely to be a year full of upgrades. So, here’s our 10-point guide to keeping […]

Business as Usual Continues at Ebix Europe

Ebix Europe unaffected By Ebix Inc. US Chapter 11 Arrangement   Ebix Europe is ringfenced from developments at Ebix Inc, and is continuing business as usual including the exciting launch of PlacingHub in January 2024 London, 21 December, 2024: Pioneering London Market technology specialist Ebix Europe today confirms it is unaffected by US-based Ebix Inc’s […]

Harnessing the power of data for real-time risk management

By Ebix Europe Vice President Pete Smyth 01 December 2023 Global insured losses from natural disasters hit $88 billion by the end of the third quarter of 2023, according to Aon’s Q3 Global Catastrophe Recap report. The total is 17% higher than the 21st century annual average, with at least four separate billion dollar insured […]

The Placing World in a Grain of Sand: Explore The PlacingHub Sandbox

By James Pring, Sales Director, Ebix Europe There is a world in a grain of sand, to paraphrase William Blake’s famous reflection on imagination, vision and seeing the big picture from a detail. And in the ever-evolving world of technology, where vision and innovation are key, one thing is clear: the future belongs to those who can […]

Empowering Insurance Agility: Technology’s Crucial Role in Advanced Exposure Management

insurance agility

In the intricate tapestry of re/insurance, where uncertainty and opportunity entwine, effective exposure management emerges as the compass guiding insurers through a dynamic, ever-evolving market, writes Ebix Europe sales director James Pring. As the industry adapts to new realities, the spotlight illuminates how strategic exposure management not only maintains balance in a portfolio but also fuels […]