Placing platform

Ebix’s electronic Placing Platform is the market leading insurance exchange platform offering brokers and carriers services that digitise the entire insurance lifecycle. The platform is designed by the market to making it easier for Brokers and Carriers to quote, bind, and endorse insurance risks from, the simplest to the most complex on an enterprise scale. Our Placing Platform creates more time for Carriers and Brokers to have meaningful face to face discussions and negotiations by transforming current admin processes to allow you to create a digital strategy. Ebix’s Placing Platform will increase your company's productivity and provide you with a single version of the truth with a clear and comprehensive audit trail.

Placing Platform


  1. The ability to manage quotes, firm orders and endorsements on a cloud based application with clear reporting.
  2. Quotes can be requested from multiple Carriers at once, allowing more time to be spent negotiating complex agreements and generating new business.
  3. Agree and negotiate subjectivities and line conditions electronically.
  1. Clean and accurate documentation is produced at the point of bind.
  2. Comprehensive audit trail of all business related activities.
  3. Integration options are available for both the Broker and the Carrier reducing re-entering of information into internal systems.
With the technology proving itself within the London Market, interest has grown from around the world. Ebix is ready to transform the way the global insurance market places business.

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